Im scared I will lose my account soon, because what I get reported for is a joke

So I can get banned for this? Game 1 (playing as Jhin) iamsobadbro: this taric looks like iamsobadbro: retri pala iamsobadbro: from wow iamsobadbro: ez bot lane iamsobadbro: xd iamsobadbro: so edgy iamsobadbro: taskete iamsobadbro: tarricu san iamsobadbro: nice farm vayne iamsobadbro: so ? iamsobadbro: nice farm iamsobadbro: lets see iamsobadbro: zzzzzzzz iamsobadbro: boring iamsobadbro: burn iamsobadbro: 3rd degree iamsobadbro: gonna get me some water xD iamsobadbro: QQ ? iamsobadbro: hey nami iamsobadbro: did you like my double ? iamsobadbro: nami ? iamsobadbro: nami ? iamsobadbro: my double ? iamsobadbro: hello ? iamsobadbro: talk to me nami =( iamsobadbro: man iamsobadbro: Im too mean iamsobadbro: lol iamsobadbro: but its iamsobadbro: so much fun iamsobadbro: hey nami ? iamsobadbro: are you here mate ? iamsobadbro: wtf iamsobadbro: why did you go iamsobadbro: I dont get it iamsobadbro: I pinged Im going in iamsobadbro: taric left me idk why iamsobadbro: don tdo that taric iamsobadbro: I even pinged Im going in iamsobadbro: ok guys iamsobadbro: u wanna dance ? iamsobadbro: poor jhin ? :D iamsobadbro: 6/2 ? :D iamsobadbro: boosted ? :D iamsobadbro: 6/2 iamsobadbro: easiest game of my life boys iamsobadbro: if u want we can triple quoeue iamsobadbro: I will carry you iamsobadbro: ye np iamsobadbro: 4v1 under turret iamsobadbro: get kill iamsobadbro: just my life boys iamsobadbro: some people live epic lives like that iamsobadbro: hahahaha :D iamsobadbro: gj taric btw iamsobadbro: nice ulti iamsobadbro: wanna another 1v4 ? iamsobadbro: gj iamsobadbro: 3v2 iamsobadbro: overextneding iamsobadbro: k iamsobadbro: I PING YOU iamsobadbro: FOR A REASON iamsobadbro: BROTHER iamsobadbro: why does iamsobadbro: noone iamsobadbro: on eune iamsobadbro: listen to pings iamsobadbro: group iamsobadbro: group iamsobadbro: TEAM iamsobadbro: STOP AFK iamsobadbro: 3 BOT iamsobadbro: FREE TOP FREE MID iamsobadbro: 4 BOT iamsobadbro: GET SOMETHING iamsobadbro: DONT AFK iamsobadbro: guys iamsobadbro: this isnt even funny iamsobadbro: how do you want to win iamsobadbro: G R O U P iamsobadbro: GROUP iamsobadbro: GROUP iamsobadbro: GROUP iamsobadbro: GROUP iamsobadbro: GROUP iamsobadbro: GROUP iamsobadbro: Im afk iamsobadbro: till you group iamsobadbro: we can iamsobadbro: rush it iamsobadbro: stop farming jungle iamsobadbro: its 20 min iamsobadbro: ty iamsobadbro: I play for win iamsobadbro: not for farm iamsobadbro: ;-) iamsobadbro: I get red iamsobadbro: we go bot iamsobadbro: get grouped iamsobadbro: dont do unecessary things iamsobadbro: yes skarner iamsobadbro: that iamsobadbro: exactly iamsobadbro: dont go mid iamsobadbro: for a sec there I thought this gonna be a fun game iamsobadbro: but no iamsobadbro: 23 min iamsobadbro: report jhin ? iamsobadbro: for what ? iamsobadbro: report me for what ? iamsobadbro: gg wp boys iamsobadbro: xD Game 2 (playing as Jhin) iamsobadbro: WARD /PLS iamsobadbro: not my problem iamsobadbro: you are supp iamsobadbro: its 10 min iamsobadbro: ward iamsobadbro: and dont take my cs on purpose iamsobadbro: ty iamsobadbro: stfu iamsobadbro: ur making me tilt iamsobadbro: what ? iamsobadbro: I did everything perfect iamsobadbro: ? iamsobadbro: my R and heal iamsobadbro: were perfect iamsobadbro: I only missed 1 shot of R iamsobadbro: and if I didnt heal I would die iamsobadbro: x9 janna afk griefing flame, take your pick iamsobadbro: baiting teammates for dying iamsobadbro: she is trolling iamsobadbro: but dw iamsobadbro: my jhin is godly iamsobadbro: I will carry even with this janna iamsobadbro: u had ulti iamsobadbro: lmao iamsobadbro: not my fault u cant use it iamsobadbro: its not iamsobadbro: I carry iamsobadbro: sigh if only janna didnt troll at start iamsobadbro: this couldve been such a one sided bot lane iamsobadbro: dont argue iamsobadbro: its not azirs fault iamsobadbro: we just had no presence bot iamsobadbro: we literally had no bot iamsobadbro: for whole game iamsobadbro: thanks to jannas joke performance iamsobadbro: AZIR iamsobadbro: MOVE iamsobadbro: fuck drake iamsobadbro: we cant iamsobadbro: we cant fight in jungle iamsobadbro: janna iamsobadbro: I cant carry you iamsobadbro: you are iamsobadbro: just iamsobadbro: gocus iamsobadbro: focus anyone iamsobadbro: just catch someone iamsobadbro: we have more damage iamsobadbro: lucian is iamsobadbro: terrible iamsobadbro: he only farms iamsobadbro: he has 0 mechanics iamsobadbro: lucian bot iamsobadbro: force fight iamsobadbro: JANNA iamsobadbro: PEEL iamsobadbro: report janna iamsobadbro: obvious troll (Janna was watching me die spamming laugh emote with all her defensive cooldowns up pretty much since beggining of game) Game 3 (Playing as Master Yi) iamsobadbro: guys iamsobadbro: would u report someone for writing gg ez ? iamsobadbro: me neither but I just stumbled across a board on lol forum iamsobadbro: "saying GG ez must be bannable" iamsobadbro: and it literally shocked me iamsobadbro: becaues all the feedbak from community was positive iamsobadbro: you have iamsobadbro: no mana iamsobadbro: what do you want to do iamsobadbro: obviously my fault iamsobadbro: Ill come iamsobadbro: or diana will iamsobadbro: ez iamsobadbro: thanks for holding my red bra iamsobadbro: was talking to lee xD iamsobadbro: yasuo iamsobadbro: I had iamsobadbro: 300 hp iamsobadbro: Im omw iamsobadbro: dw iamsobadbro: nice n easy iamsobadbro: give me herald now iamsobadbro: I need to last hit it iamsobadbro: diana iamsobadbro: they trasthtalk me iamsobadbro: get back at them iamsobadbro: you wanna dance fegut iamsobadbro: lets dance iamsobadbro: kk iamsobadbro: okay this is getting ridiulous iamsobadbro: why is janna on top iamsobadbro: diana is bronze iamsobadbro: but we can still win iamsobadbro: we have easy champions iamsobadbro: stop flame iamsobadbro: we can win iamsobadbro: she cant iamsobadbro: I will destroy them iamsobadbro: diana mate iamsobadbro: xD iamsobadbro: why do you join Q as mid iamsobadbro: diana is overtilted iamsobadbro: maybe she can play good when she is calm idk iamsobadbro: but right now she is so tilted iamsobadbro: see how quickly kata roams ? iamsobadbro: she follows instantly iamsobadbro: stfu alrdy pls iamsobadbro: you look bad enough already iamsobadbro: with your clown performance iamsobadbro: they are terrible iamsobadbro: their team = kata iamsobadbro: no smite tho iamsobadbro: risky iamsobadbro: risky iamsobadbro: wait mid iamsobadbro: wait for them iamsobadbro: to make mistake iamsobadbro: diana stop typing please iamsobadbro: NO iamsobadbro: DONT GO TOP iamsobadbro: COME MID iamsobadbro: what iamsobadbro: the fuck iamsobadbro: diana Id prefer iamsobadbro: if you stopped typing iamsobadbro: shut up diana iamsobadbro: noone cares iamsobadbro: kog maw was top iamsobadbro: we couldnt 5v5 iamsobadbro: are you autistic ? iamsobadbro: diana iamsobadbro: mate iamsobadbro: I havent reported anyone iamsobadbro: in season 6 iamsobadbro: but I will report you iamsobadbro: kata ult down iamsobadbro: oh man if u braum ulted earlier iamsobadbro: yasuo quadra iamsobadbro: kog maw alive iamsobadbro: 50 S CD iamsobadbro: how come iamsobadbro: in our jungle iamsobadbro: lee gets help earlier iamsobadbro: bye elo iamsobadbro: tx diana iamsobadbro: thx diana iamsobadbro: for feeding 24/7 iamsobadbro: flaming 24/7 iamsobadbro: not following 24/7 iamsobadbro: yep iamsobadbro: if u lose elo from it iamsobadbro: autism iamsobadbro: autism iamsobadbro: autism iamsobadbro: autism iamsobadbro: autism iamsobadbro: autism iamsobadbro: autism iamsobadbro: diana iamsobadbro: you are getting iamsobadbro: banned after thias game iamsobadbro: enjoy your last moments on this account (Diana was flaming 24/7, it was indescribably annoying but I dont mute my teammates usually in case they write something game-related and useful)
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