14 Days banned

This game happened in a Diamond game. So basically this flame war started by shyvana got ganked at level 1 by shen (support) and eve (jungler). He blamed us for not telling miss at the start. Firstly, I do not main ADC, check my history and you will know I main top. I am second pick but my team called their role so I gave them okay.. I go to adc it's fine. Shyvana did not engage red in the bush + did not ward out and started blaming at us. I am trying to reason with him and all I get is WTF FUCK YOU and around 92 million of pings from shyvana. For the whole time, I am trying to defend myself from flaming. Indeed I should've muted him and just ignore that is my mistake but I would like to say is when you get raped by a man or woman, you are self defending and trying to use suicide to threaten the person (of course I did not afk and I keep trying to fight). Please Tribunal, are you that bad? Also do not question about my name as Riotgame did not tag it as inappropriate and it is not offensive at all. Dildo is just an item. Dildostick is just a funny name for fiddlestick which I main. For the reform card people keep yelling for the previous post and laughing at. http://imgur.com/qCmEqDc http://imgur.com/4oGkdL7 Or http://link.email.riotgames.com/YesConnect/HtmlMessagePreview?a=9CCT_etp7XdSwYGt_uGncv&msgVersion=web
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