Do I dodge or do I lose?

It happenend to all of us, some experienced it a little more than the others, but at one point we all meet another player who says that he'll be trolling or is going AFK as soon as the game starts. At this point there are 3 options for the other 4 players who want to climb the ranked ladder: 1. You quit the champion select, get a 10 minute ranked restriction and a 3LP loss 2. You don't dodge in the hope somebody else does it in your place 3. You just play the game and hope to win, with a chance of losing up to 25LP. The difficult choice of losing 3LP for sure, or going in game with a chance of losing 25LP. I think we need something to fix this. Many ideas have come out already, but none of them have been implemented yet, beside the extra punishments the players get. (Let's be real, if someone gets punished, they can just make another account on and on again, or they go on one of their 1000 smurfs.) I thought about this for a really long time and I came up with an idea which can be compared to the in-game surrender vote: Can't you inplement some sort of /disband command in the chamion select? Let's say it works just as surrender vote: someone types /disband and if 4 out of 5 players press 'yes' before the champion select ends, the champion select gets disbanned and no punishments are given to the non-trolling players. I suggest you make some sort of pop-up after the champion select gets disbanned where players need to give the reason of disbanning the champion select, this way you'll still be able to punish the 'bad' guys. Maybe it's worth the shot? EDIT: Yes players could use this system in a bad way, like just trying to get rid of a game after seeing the enemy champions, but two things you have to keep in mind: you need 4/5 'yes'. And second: Riot could set a limit on the use of the disband command like for example you cna only use it once, every three games to make sure players would use it for it's main purpose.
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