My first suspension, yikes.

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Waddup, summoners and riot staff reading this, maybe thinking "not another ban appeal please". I'm Katastrofico and today I have been instantly suspended for flaming, I guess. My history in League has been quite interesting I think. When I started I was always flaming and doing kid things, cause well, I was a kid and a toxic one, then I kind of went full reformed and tried to always be positive, helping others and achieving the 4 different season 6 honor icons, alongside being honor 5 in both season 7 and 8, something I'm pretty proud of. It kinda sucks, no event for me for being a bad boy. Hope you guys grind that lunar event orbs and wish y'all the best of luck, and for anyone wondering why did they ban me for 14 days, well, let me explain: I was in a game as akali in urf and got pretty salty cause people tanked too much dmg, maybe wrote fck a couple of times, "I don't understand how the fck do u tank so much" or things like that when someone gets salty ya know. My worst mistake was when the enemy orianna killed me and called me(and sorry, I don't know how to censor this) ~~%%%~~, I didn't answer, until the end of the game, which ended with my team winning and me, calling orianna the previously mentioned insult, multiple times, along with a ":)" face. Also I kindly wrote "izi" in the post-game chat, I don't think that matters but hey, extra info. And welp, there goes my reputation, honor level and my chances to get good stuff this event I guess, I'm not saying it isn't my fault but, come on, I've seen people flame me or intentionally feed a lot harder and they never get banned even though I report them. My apologies, sincerely, Katas.{{sticker:katarina-love}}

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