Punisihing trolling players in champ selection

I think there should be a vote to kick option in champ selection that kicks a trolling player, and allows the other players to restart a different game without that said player. I found that when a trolling player ie a teemo instalocks top with smite and says i go top smite or int your options are limited especially when other players have also locked in. 1. You play the game expecting to lose already tilted and frustated or 2. you dodge occuring stacking penalties. I feel a large amount of the player base play normals rather than soley ranked or ranked at all. So the expression "its just a normal it doesnt matter" doesnt hold weight as you can tilted just as easily and is valued just as much. Also i have noticed a increasing amount of trolling and afk behaviors recently, there must be things riot can do about it to maintain its playerbase. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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