Why its easy to become very bitter (Long post)

Ive done a number of posts now, and people that are active on the forums are starting to remember my username I have not said anything personal about myself, i have just writen different opinions in different styles of writing. Humorus, Salty, Factual and Encouraging. I started writing on the league forums because i just diddnt understand the mindset that League player have so I wanted to just set up situations and see what the typical responce would be This is a habit that i picked up from my lifestyle that i had. Let me tell you something about me so you understand the rest of the post and were i come from because opinions are one thing, hearing a opinion were you know were it is comming from, is more relatable. I started working as a trainiee chef in my mothers reasturant when i was 12 and when i was 15 i decided to move from my parents to see the world. School was not for me, staying in one place to learn about things in a slow pace, i promiced my parents that i would study whilst i traveld from a distance. I got a gymnasial degree at 18 in Social Sience and german language and i did a few university courses in psychology. I needed to read a lot to maintain a traveling lifestyle, to be able to speak to people and get jobs in werever i landed. Norway,England,Germany,Denmark,Greece, The canari islands,and Egypt were places i lived and worked on and off, never staying at the same place for more than 6 months. And when i landed back in Sweden i seldom chose the same city to stay in twice. If you say hello to 100 different people, they will usualy say hello back. If you ask 100 people "how are you" they will usualy say "fine" Patterns, you expect a certain thing when you do a certain thing. If you help someone, the responce is "thank you" and if you are rude to someone, then the respoce will be "fuck you" The same goes on how you dress, how you carry yourself, the way you talk. everything you do, you get a general responce. You get treated by the way you act. This is common knowledge. But this goes the other way around as well. Here is were you can become bitter Because you know that people want to **BE SOMEONE**, they want to **BE THEMSELFS** and they want to be treated in a certain way. So they behave in a way so that they get the responce that they want. A person that talks a lot wants attention. A person that is shy wants to get into a comfortable situation in order to open up. A person that dresses and talks like he dossnt give a shit, wants people to know that he does not give a shit. and so on. So why will that make you bitter? becuase when you meet 1000 people, and you think about why they act and dress the way they do, it becomes incredibly easy to make them like or dislike you, simply by just playing the same social game as they are. You become bitter because you can predict people. You dont get surprised by any "odd" behaviour. Everything can be predicted. And when you start stating things like this You will become disliked, just as you are reading this you have a bad taste in your mouth problably, becuase this comes across as very arrogant. But reading THAT makes the bad taste go away Untill you read THAT And now you want to say that you either agree with me or that you dissagree with me just based on these few lines and not the whole post as a whole. But what has this got to do with League? and why have i been posting these posts? to what end and is this even relevant to the game? YES And here it is. The community is toxic because of many, many factors. One BIG thing is bitternes. Becuase when you see a pattern over and over again like for example Your jungler doing blue buff instead of doing directly to the free dragon You KNOW how its going to play out Enemy team will have the time to react to the dragon call and contest it, leaving you in the middle of tanking a dragon + enemy team comming in hard. a shit situation most of the time. Or its 1:30 in game and your toplaner gives first blood and is now pinging for ganks and typing in chat you know those games. Bitterness will LOSE you games just because you see a pattern But its a flawed pattern, just like the example from above were i left a bad taste in your mouth and you were ready to just judge me from that single statement. You do not see the WHOLE piture when you see the pattern, you just see the start of something, and you can change that in any way you want. You can go "gg, feeding toplane" and chose to make the pattern into a piture that you have in your head You can go "dw, we have lategame" in a atemt to inspire your teamates to hold on for the lager piture to unfold or you can work harder to win in your role so that you can help others and shape a new pattern in th game. I am bitter becuase people dont know this by heart. People play this game with a passion, they have this in their lives. I wanted to know what sort of people there was on league, so i did what i do best. I wrote and started conversations. its not the anwers itselfs that gives it away, its the way that they phrase themselves. _Ego_, _Anger_, and _Conformist_ are the key words but also _Casual_, _Laid back_, _Underachieving_ these 6 qualitys are the biggest qualitys that most people have with 1-2 of these qualitys being dominant. Knowing this has lead me to fewer games with people who afk, people who troll, people who flame i can now with ease calm down the toxic feeder and make him focus as soon as i figure out WHO he is IRL. So now i pass this on to the boards, and i hope it will help you guys as well, with this tool you can make, at least your games, more enjoyable Have a good one
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