Banned out of context (need a rioter)

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Hello, i just got banned out of context, i was doing a normal game with friends and we were trolling around ( i mean saying friendly banter in team chat) and funny things like "ezreal abuser" in all chat, but the enemy team didn't take it as funny as i think it would be and said "kill yourself", i found it really dumb so i said "imagine saying kill yourself in online game" , the enemy team obviously reported me 5times and i got instantly banned 14days, i sent a ticket but the support is telling me that i just said death threats and i won't get unbanned . Please i would love that a rioter investigates on my account cause i never said death threaths or i have never been toxic, i just got banned by an error out of context. Thanks Edit 26/09: Still nothing from support, they keep saying me that some words are unexpectable. Edit 27/09: They are not even responding anymore. Edit 29/09: Support literally said "if nobody got offended with your sentence, you wouldn't be reported and banned.
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