14 day ban as first punishment

I have been playing lol since early season 2 in 2012 on one account, on 2 accounts since 2013 (both eune). During that time, I've never had any punishment for flaming, no chat restrictions, no 2 week bans, i'm not a toxic player. (I'm not saint either but everyone loses it sometimes). Recently I've made a new account in euw server, this weekend i started playing ranked games after reaching 30 lvl. Today i got banned for 14 days, for flaming in chat. No chat restriction, no warning. But the best thing is, i got banned for a joke. Chat log: In-Game -------------- StdAnger: srsly lee? StdAnger: cat> StdAnger: %%% --------------- %%%believe this is the thing that got me banned, but it's taken out of context. There is a dog vs cats event, and everyone in the game had a dog icon (or some neutral one) and lee had the cat one. He even got the joke and replied that it's for getting e-girls. The rest of it is just frustration about the whole team flaming me constantly and lee ganking me, but i think that's kinda normal :) Btw, so far euw is much more toxic than eune, despite of what most ppl say. Or maybe it's just silver. StdAnger: ok nvm StdAnger: %%%%ing StdAnger: lee 24/7 top StdAnger: %%%%d StdAnger: pls ff quick it's a waste of itme with inting jungler StdAnger: we can't win unless j4 goes afk StdAnger: english pls StdAnger: quit this game pls StdAnger: gg wp pls report j4 for trolling and verbal abuse Post-Game StdAnger: funny ^ (my team spamming to report me) So, what i'm asking about is why did i get instant 14 day ban instead of chat restriction, and if it was because of the "%%%" joke. There are logs from another game which was pretty m%%% the same as second part of this one, but i didn't mute them and i kept spamming. I don't say i don't deserve a punishment, chat ban, longer queue time, but instant 14 day ban?
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