You flame someone, he leaves, so you flame more and demand justice

I mean really, are you serious? It's like palmface times 10x when you see a player in your team bashing and cursing someone in your team till kingdom come, and then he leaves the game because of it. You spend all your time blaming another player and when he finally says "ok fuck this, fuck you, i'm out" , you are now demanding reports for this players because quote: "he is the scum of the earth and deserves to get banned because HE BROKE THE RULES WHEN HE LEFT THE GAME, THIS IS NOT FAIR" And no i'm not defending the leavers nor the flamers, neither is acceptable, but can you (you, as in the one who does nothing but bitch all game long) blame the leaver when he finally gets fed up with you and quits? Hypocrite much? Edit: People seem to have missed the whole point of this thread. Edit 2 : Ok i'll break it down to fewer words so that the rest of you can understand it better: My point was: Why do the toxic players/flamers get so god damn butthurt when they throw stupid crap like "FUCK YOU, SCREW YOU, YOU ARE SO BAD, UNINSTALL LOL, GET CANCER AND DIE" .. etc, and when finally the guy who he is flaming leaves, THE GUY WHO FLAMED gets angry because he left. As if he was such a Saint. That's what this thread is about. About the hypocracy of the flamer who's acting all victim there. Even when he was the cause. I'm not saying it's ok to leave the game when you get flamed.
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