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I will make a list of silly things players do and say and think: 1# Today game, a new thing that I never encounter until now - silver 3 account - won game Luican ping my item (I like to take The Dark Seal and Refillable Potion) I am Cho'gath mid Later I am 4-0 vs Anivia Darius top die and he has 0-3 now vs Akali I ask him if he want to go mid because Anivia is underfarm and I can deal with Akali He said no tnx, and I replay ok. Like reading my mind Akali come mid, I guess he wanted to switch with Anivia to let her again underfarm Darius. I fight both and kill no passive Anivia then flash in tower and go base safe Akali start to go top and I say: Akali going top on river and ping (one time, I never do more) This happened very fast like in 2-3 minutes and the weird start: Lucian: stop spam kid I knew he talk with me but I ignored him (not mute him) Akali gank again mid, nothing happen I say again, Akali is coming back top Lucian: stop flame you get reported All: report Cho'gath flame and spam Later Enemy bot coming mid, Akali coming mid, I saw them but kinda late and burn flash but escape, then went to second tower and start recalling. For no reason, seeing me low hp and mana (or not) blitz come without concern press w and go alone in the 4 enemy and die Blitz: where is mid noob ? 5v1 mid lane and we have no mid (in his logic he think mid is to blame if enemy come on his lane) Later We fight I kill Akali (she was the most feed), the kill Mf after stop her ult with w, My team is 4v3 with Evelin, Leona and Anivia, I go to them after killing the two but to late they all die. I remain 1v3 and still manage to kill Anivia but then I die. Blitz: troll cho'gath full ap, we have no tank. This was my end game build in which he think I am full AP: https://i.gyazo.com/6070d6f3c2d81b4f9c4b0a46fbdab338.png Lucian ended up 1-15, but we won the game. Blitz keep spamming that I am alive or my dead timers and my items, in the end I muted him. This is what I tell to toxic players, I prefer to lose a game and have fun then to win a game with jerk players, toxic and blant stupid.
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