Enough Is Enough

I see that Riot are doing there best to try and cut down on the massive amount of toxicity in league but they are just putting people in to groups. Riot I beg you realize that some stuff is just so much worse than others. My main focus here will be the use of the word cancer in this game, I shouldn't have to tell anyone what a nasty illness it is, and I (like as much as it saddens me to say) some of you have lost loved ones and friends to this disease and it hurts. so why when I just want to just relax with friends in a game am i subjected to being told to _"get cancer"_ or_ " I hope your mum gets cancer"_ . If anyone said this in the real world anyone, in ear shot would be shocked but here it is treated like the norm and it is the norm. In my most recent sessions on League for nothing more than giving away first blood i was told that _> "my whole family should die of the most painful cancer"_ What have Riot done about it? said we are cracking down on toxicity. This is not enough! I am not fussed when people just generally hurl verbal abuse at me I shake it off it doesn't bother me, but why do have to be reminded of those i have lost In a game by someone who is being allowed to get away with this and it is just brought down to toxicity or a negative player experience by those with the power to stop this! Riot i beg of you please install harsher punishments based on the offence committed. reporting dose nothing to these people other than sends them a passive notice when they finish the game, wishing death on people using cancer is not an "oh it was just an intense game i didn't mean it thing" its far worse and has to be stopped. I said i would use cancer as the main example but there is so many more massive issues that are put in the same category as "unsportsmanlike conduct" homophobia and racism to name just a few. Riot do not tell me what you are doing is working I cant see any difference in the people i meet in the games from when i first started 3 years ago to now Thanks if you made it this far
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