I've been permanently banned for flaming

For this reason, I didn't think I would get permanently banned, just because I began flaming WHEN my teammate (nautilus) began to feed, went afk, was arrogant. refused to communicate, said he was tilted, therefore, he wouldn't play. I don't want that people in my team does that, therefore, I try to communicate, however, he was so arrogant that made me flame him. I know muting would be a choice, however, if we continue to do so, what'll happen to our future games for players? Will we always need to have that 1 teammate whose goal is to have "fun" because he's doing bad in game? You can have fun, but not while feeding. I would gladly be temporary banned than being permanently banned, because this isn't fair. I tried to communicate, but, the player was not willing to communicate, therefore, in my opinion I had no other choice but to give him a lesson, because as a fellow league player I dislike feeders, trollers, AFK's etc. Thoughts?
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