Riot doesn't ban people who buy RP

Sources? Well, I have 9 permenant bans. I never spend RP on any of my other accounts, discounting my main. My main currently has £690 spent on it. PAX sivir, PAX tf, etc. I NEVER spend RP on my smurf. My smurfs are typically baned within 2 weeks of playing. I got another ban on a smurf yesturday. However. My main? Not banned. Although I don't flame anymore on my main because I don't want to get banned, my main was chat restricted the entirety of season 4 and half of season 5. This was back when ranked bans were a thing. I would come off 1 chat restriction and within 1 game have another. I flamed on my main, I int fed, and I was never banned. My friends main was permenantly banned. He never spent any money on it. So he made a new account. He bought all his champs back with RP and skins for them too. He has been 2 week banned 3 times in 2 months. For those who don't know once your 2 week banned, it takes 3 months for your punishment level to go down back to chat restriction. If you are flaming within 3 months of a 2 week ban, you should be permenantly banned. My friend, I swear I am not lying, within his 3 months of first bieng 2 week banned on the account he bought RP on, was spamming the N word and Autism in all chat while running down mid. Consistently trolling and runing down mid, consintantly flaming, and all he gets is chat restricts and 2 week bans. Why? Because he bought RP. Although riot made a fantastic game they have to be the worst possible company to host it. Blizzard would not favor people who buy stuff and would straight-up ban players who are toxic. I know as my main, which had 600,000 gold, 9 level 100's, every expansion, all garrisons fully upgraded and elite PVP gear was banned. Blizzard 1 - 0 Riot
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