I got banned peranmently

I actually got banned bcs i was flaming a lot recentrly but i didnt rly understand why was flaming always MY FAULT.........At the beggining of the previous month i flamed very little in some special cases like trolllers but in this month i got banned for 14 days ... ok whatver.. i should flame at all but i still cant understand why do guys report me when they troll or even make me have a bad experience in games with their own behaviour and gameplay (i dont mean noob or low but just someone who never helps me or just doesnt want to teamwork with me) so i a m forced to just telling him to help me or to do that with a nice way .. but after he continues doing the same and almost never communicates with me like he is bored of a good perforrmance and doesnt want to give a win to his team....Anyway,this is just my oppurtunity to flame bcs i am mad with them and dont want to waste my time with players like them ...... SO i always get banned bcs i flame players like them..(Idont say that in the past it was the same.....Actually i flamed a lot more and just for fun but that was back then till i read some articles about flaming and being a good teammate) Finally i need u to explain me if i can do something to get unbanned and NEVER NEVER NEVER flame again cus i rly learnt my lesson with the hard way...i AM RLY SRY if made anyone having a bad experience with my flaming and i promise i wont never do it again...even in a new acc if i cant get my own back...for the last time I AM rly sry guys and i would rly like to get my acc back so i keep playing lol ...its like my hobby u know guys.. I just love it.TU for ur time reading this . I hope u can help me with my problem and again i say ... iknow that i flamed a lot and hard but it wasnt always my fault and for sure i will never flame like this cus i have exerienced the same thing from other players sometimes.Tu guys,PLS answer me bellow {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{champion:157}}
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