Frustrating game

Afronico VRCK : so it's the level in b5 Afronico VRCK : * WingTsungKF: thank you Afronico VRCK : that kind of players WingTsungKF: but you see...? WingTsungKF: Olaf on the mid...can do a lot CaptainAwesomeV2 left the lobby WingTsungKF: :D ShinyHiney Di-OR : evereyone makes mistakes ornn u need to learn that, not to look at teammates but yourself CLG Aziz cry U left the lobby Afronico VRCK : mistakes ? ShinyHiney Di-OR : like how can i help them panduyako05 left the lobby Afronico VRCK : u did 7 mistakes bro Afronico VRCK : too much MasterKing971 left the lobby WingTsungKF left the lobby Afronico VRCK : chasing vi into HER jungle ShinyHiney Di-OR : I MAKE mistakes thats why i'm more human then u will ever be PéntàSpirtwtf 'FBI™ : A xD ty riot ShinyHiney Di-OR : i said it's my mistake Afronico VRCK : don't play ranked then ShinyHiney Di-OR : do you igknoledge ur mistakes ornn no Afronico VRCK : i'm top damage with a TANK BikrODevilReturn left the lobby ShinyHiney Di-OR : cause ur to proud to know u make mistakes Afronico VRCK : i don't knoiw why i am wasting my time with you guts2: evan damage ziggs en more than xin Afronico VRCK : u have to learn to play PéntàSpirtwtf left the lobby Afronico left the lobby ShinyHiney Di-OR : u don't have the right mindset to play this game so u should delete the game guts2 left the lobby ShinyHiney Di-OR : that does'nt prove anything its a ******** video game I just had this conversation in the endgame lobby, and it upsets me, i went 3/7/1 on xin zhao, i made a few mistakes and acknowledged them, saying to my team "my bad", i made a mistake. this player has no signes of being human at all and is to proud to see that others can make mistakes including himself. i won't say to ban him or anything, he was indeed the best player on our team. But do you have to brag about it no, do you have to shove it in peoples face again no. this behavior is not right for a community like this. i rage sometimes if i am in his position but i atleast try to contain my anger but with people like this i can't. Let me say this i've been in bronze5 for multiple seasons, i try my hardest each game but then a guy like this comes by make me feel bad of my capability's and ruins the game for me. Still i gank, still i try, still i make mistakes and i will continue doing that cause i am human and there's nothing a sucker like afronico that can do about it. I just wanted to get this off my chest. Thanks for reading Greetings ShineyHiney
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