How is this even remotely acceptable?

I am sharing this experience of a fellow player just to give it more visibility and voice, this is completely bananas (not the first case, sadly not the last but definitely a blatant one). Dropping from honor 5 for this? And your player support? What a joke RITO. > [{quoted}](name=Xantom,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lEMd1lEv,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-12-09T01:58:41.202+0000) > > []( This is what an undeserved chat restriction looks like, you have complete freedom to share this. > > I have played the game many years, without hassle, always recieving instant feedback reports and helping other learn to play and not be toxic. > > Suddenly, after this game, I got a chat restriction, never been warned ever, never even done a bad thing before. It reset me to honour level 0 right before the end of the season. Cheating me out of my well earned honour level 5 (which I think I was one of the first people to achieve). > > I actually contacted player support, in which(I can post the correspondence), they blatantly deny any responsibility and infer themselves I hadn't actually done anything wrong. I quoted their "summoners code" to them, which they had said I had broken in this chat log. I pointed out each part of the code, and shown I had not. > > They replied calling me stupid (IRONIC I WAS THE ONE CHAT RESTRICTED) and basically told me I need to learn to read better. The player support is appalling, has never helped me in the past when I have brought up homophobia against me ( I sent a ticket showing clear evidence of it, yet that person was still playing which our so much as a ban) yet here I was, being chat restricted for nothing. Anyone who claims this system is fair, has not experienced the very clear, lacking ability of both the automation and staff involved in "supporting" players. > > I was going to take it further, however, they provide no links, no point of contact and are secretive. I scoured everywhere to find out an office number to no avail. > > If you are punished unfairly, as like in my chat restriction, don't bother doing anything, the company does not care about its loyal playerbase. It cares only about money and publicity. It is certainly clear, hell, support even suggested I play a different game. GREAT way to keep your playerbase huh? > > Edits: > - Chat Log > > The context to these logs is as follows: I was being flamed, being called '%%%%%%ed', told I was inting. All whilst they blamed me for losing and called me an idiot and worse. Hence why I say "lose one game=idiot" I merely quoted what they said to me. The only 'insult' I used was calling them flamers, which is the nicest thing you can say to someone that calls you '%%%%%%ed'.
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