Do not let this game control you . Your elo isn't who you are !

I'm starting this thread for the players who think that elo determines their skill or their worth. Do not listen to whatever others are saying, or to what Riot tells you through their flawed system. I used to have this period of time in which everything was really downhill. And the only thing that actually made me feel good about myself was that I knew that i was good at League of Legends. I knew that no matter how bad anything else was, at least i was good at something. And it kind of made me addicted to LoL in a strange way. Something like gambling. Without me actually realizing it. So I'm writing this, just so i can hopefully help anyone that is in the position that i was . The thing is, at some point, i stopped trying to improve myself in any other aspect of life except LoL. I was spending my time watching LoL streams, watching guides, learning new tricks, experimenting, and learning tactics, strategies and champions. And even though i knew that I'm a good player, I didn't have the satisfaction because, my elo wasn't representing that. I was only gold, i even dropped to gold V at some point. And it was frustrating to me. If i had a loss streak, i would continue playing this game even at early hours just so I can revert the damage I've done to my elo. If i'd lose a promo i would play untill i get to promo again. I got so far that I wouldn't go to sleep with a loss. I just couldn't put my head on that pillow with a loss, having flashes of all the mistakes i've done in the that game. It was like " I need to prove that I'm a good player " And people were belittling me, people saying that i'm at my real elo, and that I don't deserve better and blah blah. But I'm not that . I'm not as good as my elo, and neither does anyone else. The leagues and divisions are just put there to create pressure on yourself. To make you want to play more so you can get higher. Just like the odds are put there in gambling to make you want to win more and invest more. You're not your platinum loading screen border, you're not your diamond end of the season icon, you're not your challenger profile border, and most of all, you're not that Bronze V writing when someone hovers over your chat name. Don't identify with your League of Legends persona. Most of it is subjective anyway, some of us may have had more luck in our promo games, others might have had bad luck in promos and then lose a few games after the promos making it much harder to climb again. You are what you know, not what you think.
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