Please ban/report more toxic Egyptian players to send a clear message

**_TLDR:_** _Egyptian players get away with swearing, harassment, hate speech and toxicity because they speak Arabic in a way that uses English letters and numbers to speak Arabic online and the game doesn't censor them at all no matter what they say and they seem to be wide spread and a big problem_ ---------------------------------- Over the past few months, I have noticed that Egyptian players cheat the system by talking in "Franko", A way of speaking Arabic using English and numbers, Egyptian players have been using this a lot to bully, swear and annoying annoy team-mates, I understand a bit of franko because I am Egyptian as well so I know what they say and what they mean, at first I seriously just shrugged it off because other players didn't understand them and usually just muted them and never really complained about it because they don't seem to harm anyone when they speak something that other people never understand (I did report them sometimes however but I doubt my report did anything) , however, I was wrong. Today I got queued up with a full team of Egyptians, all of them swearing, bullying, trolling and harassing me since pre-game, at start I just shrugged it off but with more and more time went by and how their nasty words continued begin thrown at me I simply almost wanted to leave the game immediately, I already had a very bad day and was depressed so I didn't want to deal with all of this, but in fear of them mass-reproting me for leaving the game early I just muted them and continued playing even though I was already just out of it and couldn't play anymore. I'm asking the community here to completely acknowledge that players who speak Franko are most likely toxic and should always be reported until they get banned and they stop their stupid childish and completely toxic and harmful behavior or until Riot adds someone in their team that reviews cases where Egyptian players speak Franko and ban more toxic players and add more filters to filter out Franko slurs and curse words. **But why do you assume that they don't get banned?** There are way too many of them and I have seen them quite a lot over the past few months, they also get to say whatever they want in franko and they never ever get censored, they could be calling people an N word or a slur and it won't be censored out at all which that enough means Riot isn't aware that these people exist **You want to ban all of Egyptians!** No I don't, I want only the BAD Egyptians to be banned so they understand that there is no place for homophobic, transphobic, Nazis, sexist and toxicity in a game like this and I want Riot to be fully aware that these people exist and need to be punished equally as other players. Now before I end this post, I have to leave this on a note : _Please understand that while there are a lot of Egyptians who will be toxic and say some nasty things and say Nazi jokes and stuff there ARE still some genuine players who don't mean no harm and actually just talk normally with their friends, sure they sometimes swear and they shouldn't be able to but there is big difference between a normal player and talking garbage, so don't go around harassing others just because they speak a language_ Thank you for reading, I'm up for comments, criticism, ideas and share/hear experiences.
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