Getting toxic : [

Hai every1 , first of all im so sorry about my bad grammar , hope you wont blame me too much xD So the thing is those days i had a horrible games with really really toxic people , muting is an option but gosh it wont help when for example adc and jungler flaming each other and adc is going afk cuz he wants the jungler to lose. i usually dont flame , i never used chat for something negative.. i always saying gl & hf and ggwp at the end of the game thats what my main messages are but im feeling that i will get toxic if i keep playing with those type of players : [ Thats why i decided to post here with a hope to find a friendly duo or team to play with! Please dont be toxic and be high gold / low plat elo ^^ so we can play together and climb woooooo!!! or you guys can give me some advices for example how you dealing with toxic players :3 pst im an ahri main c: {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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