I am stuck in a afk punishment limbo unfairly

For the past few games I have been getting constant afk punishments when it's completely unfair for me. I would load up to a 100% within a few secs then suddenly bugsplat then I reconnect but it takes like 3 mins for it to load on the 2nd try then and when I get in and play I do well catching up most of the time and win the game but still then punishment is still dished out. I know me being afk puts my team at a disadvantage but when u end up dc'n or not connecting for a reason that is out of your control and get punished for its not really fair is it? Riot should put in a system where if your afk for less than 5 mins during the start of the game and you reconnect you can make up for it by doing well and winning the game and in doing so not get punished by the system. This would be a great system for many players that have loading problems and get punished unfairly cause i know that im not the only one the has to deal with this bs.
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