Why do people need to be like this?

Hey there. I'm sick. Sick of trying to be a nice person who just plays the game and never writes anything that could possible offend someone or something. Thats what I'm normaly do: writing nothing, type /mute all when I get to a point where I just don't wan't to read anything that some summoners write. But sometimes, there are some people that I just don't understand. Yes, I may write some things, that maybe provocate the other person, but in this case I just don't know why people need to be like this. Like assholes. (Sorry for this strong language, but it was necessary.) But just take a look at this chat at the end of the game after him saying "eZ" ingame and writing "?" multiple times after killing someone, clearly just to provocate other players and making them feel bad (hes "The player" after I got noticed that I shouldn't take his real IG name here) : > That Moe: Xerath reported. > [some people lefting the game] > The player: Xd OK > The player: wont do anything > Another player: afraid to play ranked xerath > Another player: nuff said > The player: no > Another player left the lobby > The player: this is a smurf > That Moe: If you please stop saaying things like "eZ" > The player: :) > That Moe: ? > The player: ez > That Moe: Thats against the summoners code. > That Moe: Its bannable. > The player: ez > That Moe: So please. > The player: mad? > The player: ez > That Moe: Little childs these days. :> > The player: your the 1 crying > The player: xD > That Moe: Im not crying. > The player: not my fault i vs bronzies in aram every time cause this isnt my elo > That Moe: You should just stop provocating other people. > That Moe: Thanks. > The player: ez > That Moe: Its childish. > The player: there is a mute button u do know? > That Moe: You know this. > The player: ez > That Moe: Its not about a mute button. > The player: ez > The player: it doesnt even require half a brain cell to press it > That Moe: Its about you and your childish behaviour. > The player: your a mad little kid cause u cant hit shit > That Moe: You would play with other players based on your elo > That Moe: But > That Moe: You didnt > The player: ay, mabey get good if u dont want people to bm all i need to say > That Moe: So maybe we are on the same skilllevel > The player: not my fault riot has a scuffed system > That Moe: Yes > That Moe: Exactly > That Moe: So for the future > That Moe: Stop this childish things > The player: no > That Moe: And be more like a normal person > The player: just use mute button %%%%%% > That Moe: Act nicely > The player: stfu > That Moe: Just stop being a little kid. > The player: no u > That Moe: Its not good. > That Moe: Read the summoners code. > That Moe: You didnt did this in the past > The player: if u were smart u would of just left but ur being a good comedian now > That Moe: No, I'm trying to tell you that you should stop provocating other people. > The player: ive been playing since season 3 i think i know what a bannable offense is if i havnt been banned once > That Moe: "eZ" is a provocation that can be banned, confirmed by riot. > The player: thats why i havent been banned? > The player: since season 3? > The player: nice 1 > That Moe: So you say that you say eZ since season 3 > The player: ur a profesional comedian > That Moe: to provocate other people? > That Moe: :> > The player: yes > That Moe: So I'm going to report you seperately. > That Moe: Maybe stop this. > The player: not my fault they cant use half a brain cell to press tab then click the mute button > The player: xD > That Moe: This is dumb. > The player: xD > The player: idc if u report me, nothing will happen > That Moe: Its your fault when you try to provocate other people. > That Moe: What kind of a person are you. > The player: saying ez isn`t a bannable offense > That Moe: A little child, maybe > That Moe: Provocating is bannable. > That Moe: And eZ is a provocation > The player: nah, im very different irl, but you wouldnt know that bcoz u dont know me > That Moe: So maybe think about it. > That Moe: Maybe. > That Moe: If you have a brain. > That Moe: Why can't you stop provocating other people? > That Moe: Whats the point about it? > The player: mabey get a life instead of living it on your computer you %%%%%%, bcoz clearly it bothers you to much > That Moe: Maybe answer my question. > The player: if u have 1 y dont u just use the mute button > That Moe: :> > The player: xD > That Moe: I really want to tell other people to be nice and not to be childish. > The player: xD > That Moe: Or provocating. > That Moe: So again > That Moe: Why can't you stop provocating other people? > The player: so again, why was the mute button made? > The player: explain > The player: ? > The player: oh wait > The player: :) > That Moe: Oh you try to not answer my question. > The player: u dont know how to use it thats why u are stuck in gold, bcoz u get annoyed off of what other people say > The player: i dont need to because there is a simple solution > The player: click mute > The player: type /mute all > That Moe: Its not about click the mute button. > The player: it is tho > That Moe: its about your childish behaviour. > That Moe: Why you need to do this? > The player: caue then u dont get annoyed > That Moe: Nobody would need something like a mute button > The player: but u are to %%%%%%ed to do this > That Moe: If people just could be nice > That Moe: And not childish > The player: xD > That Moe: And provocating > That Moe: So stop. > The player: if you could get a life first > The player: oh wait > That Moe: If you could answer my question. > The player: we all see that is impossible > That Moe: But you cant. > The player: xD > The player: i did > The player: many times > The player: i gave a solution > That Moe: You didn't. > The player: is giving a solution to a problem not solving it? > That Moe: You didn't answered my question. You said just mute - but its not about "just mute childish kids". > The player: xD > The player: it is tho, cause they cant do shit if u cant see their msg`s > The player: explain how you think you degenerate oaf > That Moe: Even its a solution for you, may you please answer my question tho? > The player: xD > The player: u are %%%%%%ed > The player: waste of time speaking with an autist > That Moe: Why you can't be just nice and not be provocating to other people? > The player left the lobby So thats the log. What do you think? Yes, clearly, I provocated while saying stop acting like a little child, but I don't know how he could act more childish in this situation. If a person like this would write things like this in my stream, in my discord or anywhere else, I just needed to ban this person because hes interrupting a nice atmosphere. League is a game. A GAME. Why do people need to do this? Why they don't get punished for it ( it seems like they don't get punished for acting like this when he's saying that he's doing this since season 3 and never got any restriction out of it). I just wan't to know your opinions on this. What do you if you meet people like this? Do you just mute, just don't care about him and his attempts to mess up the game for other players? Thanks for reading.
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