I'm bout to end this man's whole career

In my last game I had a Rek Sai that decided to feed a bit after I failed to understand that he was leaving a kill on Fizz for me So he took it and died under tower Then stayed AFK but not rly, just spammed her Rift tunnels in fountain Then insulted everyone especially me Told us all to "suck %%%%" and called us all dogs and spammed surrender votes See here I was a bit smart and just told him "dogs can bite back" (say what u will but i had to put some sense into him, SOME) Eventually the enemy destroyed the most of our base and the last surrender vote passed on which I still said no because I wanted to keep that %%%%%%%%%%%% as long in that game as possible so he doesn't do that to other people at least (that quickly) During the game my Lulu left the game, dc or ragequit IDK, but I didn't report him cuz I would have done the same, or maybe he was premade with that dork NOW THERE ARE GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS BAD NEWS: He wasn't banned Of course why would he be GOOD NEWS: I DIDN'T LOSE MY PROMOS!!! YAY!!! There was this message talking about some maintenance and it said LOSS PREVENTED (might need an explanation on what actually happened there) (I wish I could somehow post the entire match here or at least the chat logs)
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