A serious change to League of Legends.

You might think I'm gonna say bullshit from the start since I'm not such a high level, but I've touched league of legends 7 years ago, quit for 4 years, and came back a few weeks ago. What I want to say in particular is very harsh and you especially, the 8th season generation should be able to comprehend my words. 4 years ago, this game was actually fun to play and you only struggled to win if both teams were good. now ? the hope for any last drop of fun is lost. Why ? Because of the people in the community, which I think is the main issue here. I get the fact that if some of you think you're high ass levels you know it all, and because of one game or a few you allow yourselves to be toxic and flame others for their current match. Let me tell you this, you badasses, everyone has their bad days and if you jump in to be toxic and throw the fault on someone without even thinking or just to look humble, you're either frustrated or you have no dignity in yourselves. A long while ago, generations weren't like the 8th season current one. Flamers existed, but to the point where it was funny. The community is one of the main reasons why this game in the near future i foresee is going to die. Nevertheless, if we talk about the current NON-STOP used metas, i can claim even more to it that everyone plays the same thing over and over, whether it's broken champions or full-tank meta. And if you're gonna start throwing comments here and there, yes, I had my fair share of losses and high level players desperate to win which instead of encouraging only know how to kick the bucket. For any other judgements and thoughts you have, I should mention that I wrote this in advance for all of you who still play and somewhat are into this game. Change yourselves, then ask Riot to change the game.
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