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I believe a great amount of people , myself included , complain about having a int or troll in the games more often than before. Riot may be having no fault or all the fault. The game is less fun and makes people more angry when you have a troll or a int in your game and I believe this is the main reason that people are believing this game is dying. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO AGAINST A INT OR A TROLL AS THEY ARE RARELY BANNED IF BANNED AT ALL . Youtube is full of people that are known inters who laugh at this fact or only got punished after ruining countless games and even then they got punished cause usually they also flame. Well .. I opened this topic so we as a community to tell riot what punishments should serve this guys right and ideas about how to identify these guys faster. I expect ideas from you guys and here is also my non expert that might be bad or have flaws idea. 1. My idea: If you get a negative kda and you are reported by 3+ non premade teammates (to avoid bullying by troll premades) you get a soft 30 minutes restrict from playing a game agains other people , you can still use bot games to improve. Reasoning : even if you had a bad game most of us after a bad game go into the next game having a bad mental , so those 30 minutes should be enough for you to clear the dark clouds in your head and focus on a better mentality. rather than going angry into the next game and lashing at anybody that might only have a bad game. And for trolls and inters this soft ban should be a scare jump and they might reconsider their actions or be afraid that the next time they might get a bigger punishment. Ps: I will add further ideas posted by you guys.

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