So.. this is offensive

Ok forget this post, clearly most of you that reply are just kids that have nothing to do Ok so i've just played a ranked game and i got reported for "offensive language", PLEASE tell me what is offensive about this? Also does this mean i wont get the season end rewards? This is ridiculous Ninja9toes: Ok Ninja9toes: nieni neineieniene Ninja9toes: ty Ninja9toes: gj guys Ninja9toes: watch for rengo Ninja9toes: nice Ninja9toes: what Ninja9toes: my smite doesn't give assists Ninja9toes: -_- riot Ninja9toes: minions Ninja9toes: for q Ninja9toes: 6* Ninja9toes: rengo got all their kills Ninja9toes: easy kill tho Ninja9toes: cant gank any lane Ninja9toes: graves Ninja9toes: why are you staying BEHIND everyone Ninja9toes: behind their turret Ninja9toes: dont die Ninja9toes: and dont play stupid Ninja9toes: just focus rengo Ninja9toes: then sivir and morg Ninja9toes: couldn't care less about a mute Ninja9toes: you dont even communicate Ninja9toes: eh Ninja9toes: just ggwp Ninja9toes: no not vi pls Ninja9toes: all you have to do Ninja9toes: is SS Ninja9toes: or ward Ninja9toes: you do none of them Ninja9toes: i got 5 assists for a reason Ninja9toes: you got 3 kills only Ninja9toes: nah Ninja9toes: you have to stop acting pro and ss Ninja9toes: ffs Ninja9toes: you ping sivir Ninja9toes: i go in Ninja9toes: NO follow Ninja9toes: idc Ninja9toes: i do what you want me Ninja9toes: you pinged Ninja9toes: i did Ninja9toes: clearly not you mong xD Ninja9toes: lvl 5 vi "first time vi" Ninja9toes: xD Ninja9toes: graves and zed so toxic Ninja9toes: why is bot mid Ninja9toes: again Ninja9toes: either hurry with the push Ninja9toes: the guy is clearly trolling Ninja9toes: or just bad? Ninja9toes: idek Ninja9toes: i could farm Ninja9toes: if there was wards in my jungle Ninja9toes: most of the time i sat at lanes Ninja9toes: i gave bot a double Ninja9toes: you lost lane Ninja9toes: not my fault Ninja9toes: NICE ONE ZED Ninja9toes: but Ninja9toes: do i care Ninja9toes: reported Ninja9toes: lol Ninja9toes: ulti and ignite Ninja9toes: am i talking to you? Ninja9toes: idc Ninja9toes: i fed because you dont help Ninja9toes: nah Ninja9toes: lol Ninja9toes: mad graves Ninja9toes: thinking mutes can solve everything Ninja9toes: the zed flame Ninja9toes: and graves Ninja9toes: premade 100% Ninja9toes: what xD Ninja9toes: "Gj" when bot got a double Ninja9toes: 100% flame Ninja9toes: see what? Ninja9toes: thats flame? xD Ninja9toes: me typing is flaming Ninja9toes: nice logic Ninja9toes: not with your flame Ninja9toes: who flames god Ninja9toes: no one is flaming god Ninja9toes: gods good Ninja9toes: what do you think im doing Ninja9toes: dancing? Ninja9toes: leave it Ninja9toes: typing* Ninja9toes: they win fights Ninja9toes: so? Ninja9toes: this focus Ninja9toes: go for tahm Ninja9toes: why not Ninja9toes: you're not funny Ninja9toes: do you realise that? Ninja9toes: well cho Ninja9toes: it was me that actually focused their adc Ninja9toes: the team not following Ninja9toes: no Ninja9toes: you were there Ninja9toes: and graves was nearly at bot Ninja9toes: zed was... idek where Ninja9toes: janna dead Ninja9toes: could of stop them Ninja9toes: or slow them Ninja9toes: cant do nothing Ninja9toes: 3v1 Ninja9toes: ggwp Ninja9toes: Report le flamers Ninja9toes: p[lease
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