The mods are onto me

A comment i made 18 days (reactiontime^^ except someone swipes my commenthistory atm.... ;) ago got removed. It was a support teemo complaining about his trollteam in a rankgame By all objective measures i disagreed and got into a discussion (OH NO THIS MADNESS - _this is forum_) Wanted to tell that players about empathy and why people might have gotten tilted by his support pick. Go read into it if you want, a link is further below ------------------------------------ _Your Content Has Been Removed From: Riot Games Greetings Luzifer XIII! This comment has been removed from the Boards due to it violating the Universal Rules: >> Nope. It was the fact i called some posts bullcrap ratger rudely. Btw 2 accs forum banned. Both playing in game.>> Btw, playing teemo supp with coin myself. It's rather awesome as you soak up exp (...) Violation: Being offensive towards other players _------------------------------- Now.... i am a curious person, willing to understand what people think i did wrong and potentialy adapting my behaviour. How am i supposed to know which violation i did? Is there a way to see the comment i wrote and not only the first sentence which is the comment i was replying to? ----------------------------- _The boards should be an environment where everyone can have an opinion as long as it's delivered in a mature way. Countering people's arguments and ideas is fine, as long as you don't do so at their expense. Comments like "nobody cares", tell people to shut up because you don't agree, calling out their playstyle and ranking "bronzie" etc. or digressing into a flame war small snippets of the types of things we actively look out for and remove._ ----------------------------- My intention was to help a bronce dropout, those people in bronce who think they do everything right and blame their team for beeing bronce or in other words dont learn anything / wont ever improve. The thread was about a support teemo complaining about his trolling team. How not to call out playstyle or preferred champ if i want to help that person? Oh and Mr Anonym Mod: You forgot to delete the final post of mine in that thread OR DID YOU THISTIME SEE MY INSULT AS AN ACCURATE DISCRIPTION OF REALITY? I can see why calling a bigot "a bigot" is undesired behaviour during a game, but disagreeing or discussing has to be possible without 24 layers worth of sugarcoating to not get my posts deleted. #TLDR This message didnt show what my offense was, it only discribed it in vague, ambigious terms. Such feedback is not helping me improove my foul mouth as it doesnt show me what i did wrong. 18 days is not a timeframe in which i remember the exact wording i used while disagreeing with someone on the internet. I would like to know on what this 24 hour forumban was based.
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