Heavier penalty on the dodgers would be welcome

Ok, so my gf and I have been trying to play the Leona and Taric duo thing together. But tonight... EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. got canceled because someone left the game before it started. Must have been 6 failed attempts at an SR draft. This is so stupid. We tried draft like we usually do, so you have your lane and that's that. Every time we got lucky and got the lanes we wanted, namely bottom and support. Great. But every time, someone must have gotten upset that the champion they had set their sight on got banned or something. They act childish and they leave. Later we tried a normal. And we said "pre bot" in the hope we were quick enough to land the role. We got it. But then someone didn't pick a role and instalocked a top lane, so we had 2 of those. No jungler. I don't want to start a depressing, tilting match that I know I will lose. So I clicked exit. I was so frustrated and tired that I stood up and left. Done with League for today. It happens more and more that people dodge the games they don't like because of a reason X. It ruins the game for others. I got so angry (mind you and am extremely tired right now, so I'm a little on edge) that I did it myself. I am just as guilty. Because it's too easy to dodge a game you don't want to participate in. Those reading this, I know I'm being a hypocrite. Don't bother latching on to that, I'm not here to discuss semantics with you. Though I think you can see my rage was a little justifiable. (Instalocking is a ENTIRELY different story!!) A five minute timer is not enough. Gives you time for a toilet break, grab a drink, text your mates etc... Then you queue up and play a new game. I know the penalty goes up, the more you do it, eventually leading to big penalties. I don't think a timer is actually a punishment. What could be a punishment is a lesser rewards for the next level up. Instead of a cpsule, give them a measly orb or something alike. If you want people to get penalised for something, don't give them a time out, hit them where it hurts; their wallet! It's not their actual money, it's just a thing they recieve for playing. So let them earn less for being unsportsmanlike. Or give them a warning when the timer starts ticking the next time they queue, saying "your next penalty for leaving a game will be "the orb of cowardice" Is this harsh? Yes. Is this justice? Tough love is still love. Now, I would deserve it too, and that's fine. If other people didn't dodge games, I would not have either. I'd spend my time playing LoL instead of typing this essay.
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