Second chance from League and Riot Games?

Hello everyone, I have decided on starting this thread to get to know your opinions as active League players as well as finding advices or other points of views regarding the matter. The case is - I began my League of Legends adventure back in May 2010 (almost 8 years ago!) when I basically was a real youngster; enjoyed the fun since it was my first MOBA and a real game that kept me online and going. More than 5 years ago, I believe somewhere around 2012 I have went far beyond the Summoner's Code - I was definitely not the friendliest player you could find on soloqueue. Long story short, I have ended up receiving that permaban back then and this kind of got me off the League track - you know; losing an acc with almost all champs back then; with quite a lot of ranked games and rune pages was a huge hit and basically I gave up. As the time flows, I've finished my University this year and I'm working fulltime so I had this thought: would League of Legends authorities as well as Riot Games should and would give me second chance in your opinion? I know that breaking the Summoners Code definitely is a huge faux pas; but wouldnt 6 years be enough for a person to sort of grow up and adjust the attitude towards the game? Best regards, Dylan
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