How to stop being agro in chat

I got 14 days suspended about 6 or 7 months ago. I was okay because i deserve that suspension. The problem is that im still lv 0, it doesnt have any kind of bug in the system that dont let me honor up, the problem is me. Everytime i got my last checkpoint for lv 1 im %%%%ing up everything by going agro in chat. Im lv 0 since the day i was banned and im feeling really sad about that, not becuase i cant get honor level, just because i cant controll myself. I try to mute all players in the games i played, but im thinking about how will i win a game if i dont have communication with my team. I also try to unistall leauge for some time to take a break, but i actually dont have other games that make the feeling playing leauge of legends. Its my first time posting a discussion here, so please dont blame me for my bad english :)****
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