I need help adjusting my behaviour?!

I've just recently received a 14 day suspension after "defending" my friend while he was being flamed. I guess I must've taken it too far. I've had chat restrictions many of times and I am sick of being under the category or "toxic" and "flamer" because I try super hard not to be aggressive or rude and what not, but I still manage to slip and get reported and all the punishments etc. Now my account is close to permanent suspension and I am extremely worried about losing my account, I love this game I really do, I've worked super hard to acquire my rank and collect skins and champions. I need some help, I want to know how i can improve my behaviour to fit the standards of the game, and if there is anything that can be put onto my account to prevent me flaming like how can i unbind chat or a permanent chat restriction or something. I just really need help and i fear **it may already be too late.**
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