Parties of griefers and wrongful suspensions. League ends here for me.

After numerous games (think 15 in a row) of encountering parties of griefers that will go as far as to block our jungler's movement or steal all your farm I'm making my first thread here. How is it that a party will always succeed at being able to flame (up untill the point of including family members) and troll, then proceed to spam the report button and come out on top? Are any of these reports even manually checked? My account was suspended after basically 3 kids spamming insults and griefing the game for me for 20 minutes I called them assholes, I'm supposed to wait 2 weeks and redeem myself. The start of my ranked season is done. I can't be the only one encountering this issue. I know friends have as well. How is it that the most toxic players don't get suspended but anyone naturally fed up inevitably will? The tactical mute all seems to be a necessity to even play this game anymore. I probably won't return to league, this pattern has become the norm over the last year.
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