Thank you RIOT

I have a great ranked season this year so far after you made the option to get rid of toxicity. We always had the option to "/mute all" or "/fullmute all" but some time I forgot to do it and after I saw my team behavior was too late to enjoy the game even on mute. At end of the season you introduced great future of not showing ally chat which made things so much better. This year you took the things one step future with introducing of the chat bug after last patch that in champion select all I can see its "connecting..." also at post game lobby everyone is offline. Having all this + + the inability to see team chat in champ select and end of game lobby (truly and sincere I hope will never get fixed), made for me the games amazing, relx, fun, no stress, no anger, no people whining for places, saying they are autofiled and to let them my role etc. Also since I start playing Yasuo this year (I can't do worse than 0-10 that my teammates yasuo usually do) it's amazing, I have fun, I carry and if I get outplayed and I feed at least I am the one that feed and at least I don't blame my team for it, nobody flame me, no anger, nothing bad. Toxic community ruined the multiplayer fun but THANK YOU RIOT for making League one of the best single player game ever!
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