Is there really any way of defending yourself in league anymore?

I've been chatbanned before and i've really worked on that, but after being trolled a shit ton of games and demoting all the way from g1 to g4, there'll be a time where you have to say something back, is it normal for us to just accept the fact that we're being flamed & trolled by others? I'll accept it, the one remark about hammering someone isn't exactly friendly, but if you could see what they were saying, you'd be suprised even more that they haven;t been chatbanned, not after i reported them both. But ofcourse, riot's system prioritizes 2 reports over 1, even if they aren't legitimate. It honestly doesn't feel like it's worth communicating in chat at all anymore if all responses you get is flame. And it doesn't feel like there's really anything you can do against the broken reporting system. So is there really any way of defending yourself in league anymore? Let me break down what i said: Game 1 In-Game [KrullieLovesRem: wtf KrullieLovesRem: did you see that KrullieLovesRem: i got through the gate] - Weird glitch happened where i went through the gates at the start. [KrullieLovesRem: ok KrullieLovesRem: not the best of choises KrullieLovesRem: we'll get over it tho] - We died after we got invaded. [KrullieLovesRem: im gonna need a sad camp on botlane KrullieLovesRem: our lane is doomed. KrullieLovesRem: why the %%%% did you walk back lol KrullieLovesRem: no no KrullieLovesRem: you did that yourself KrullieLovesRem: dont be a dumbass KrullieLovesRem: lol KrullieLovesRem: What? KrullieLovesRem: lulu got caught and now shes aangry KrullieLovesRem: yikes KrullieLovesRem: and i can see a premade ekko KrullieLovesRem: not u KrullieLovesRem: lulu] - We died a second time and i got blamed for all of it also: lulu went rage mode on me together with his/her premade ekko and stopped going botlane, went mid and stayed there all game, Heca thought i was talking to him so i told him it was about ekko & not him. [KrullieLovesRem: wp heca KrullieLovesRem: i realised i wasnt in the bush recalling KrullieLovesRem: just 1 mm out of it KrullieLovesRem: shit] - Heca gave a me a good gank and got a double, i tried to recall but was a bit out of the bush so tristana saw me and engaged. [KrullieLovesRem: Im reporting you Ekko. KrullieLovesRem: heca, im sorry mate. KrullieLovesRem: theres nothing i can do. KrullieLovesRem: 2v1 KrullieLovesRem: Not really. KrullieLovesRem: the wave was pushed KrullieLovesRem: and naut went through the turret. KrullieLovesRem: can you see where i died?] - more flaming from ekko, that i kept on dying in a 2v1 lane because lulu went mid. [KrullieLovesRem: theyre gonna solo end the game KrullieLovesRem: Ill just accept that im being trolled. KrullieLovesRem: ggwp KrullieLovesRem: atleast im trying to stop them. KrullieLovesRem: youre doing nothing KrullieLovesRem: wp btw KrullieLovesRem: you fed them KrullieLovesRem: by leaving my lane KrullieLovesRem: and voting me to die.] - I got flamed even more after dying again because i was 2v1, behind the turret they'd keep on diving me but there was no one botside to defend, so all i could do was stall everytime they got closer and closer to our inhib by destroying the turrets and killing me everytime i tried to defend. [KrullieLovesRem: youre the worst kind of player in this community. KrullieLovesRem: i have nothing to say to yo uanymore. KrullieLovesRem: im muting you. KrullieLovesRem: aswell as Ekko KrullieLovesRem: i wonder how parents can raise people like you 2. KrullieLovesRem: Lulu KrullieLovesRem: if i saw you in real life KrullieLovesRem: you'd be hammered into the groudn where you stood. KrullieLovesRem: nice flashes KrullieLovesRem: im muting your pings ekko KrullieLovesRem: i dont need you to tell me shit] - more flame & toxicity happened, and i was done, we were winning the game yet this guy had to keep on flaming me, i admit, i should not have told him i wanted to hammer him but the part above that is true, how can people act this way, its dispicable, and because i was done with the flaming i said something back to defend myself from getting destroyed by stupid remarks. [KrullieLovesRem: we had trolling supp KrullieLovesRem: see me cry KrullieLovesRem: no KrullieLovesRem: shut your mouth KrullieLovesRem: you had a priviliged botlane KrullieLovesRem: and you still threw] - The enemy team started meddling in our affair because ekko took it to allchat, telling people to report me, then the nautilus started crying about the fact that we were winning even though we sucked ass, and because of the fact that i was done with all the %%%%ing flame i had gotten that game, i told him to shut it. ( I muted him & his pings & lulu after this.) [KrullieLovesRem: facepalm KrullieLovesRem: bg lol KrullieLovesRem: cry more naut KrullieLovesRem: better botlane wins KrullieLovesRem: better adc wins] - Some more flame, and i told them to suck it up that they lost, i shoulden'tve said that, but what;s done is done. The fact that all of this happened in the first place was because of the fact that ekko & lulu had completely tilted me. Post-Game [KrullieLovesRem: report lulu btw KrullieLovesRem: and ekko KrullieLovesRem: lets have riot games decide KrullieLovesRem: and see ify oure still honor lvl] - They flamed me post game chat telling me they'd report me, which they did, because i clearly got a chat ban for it, and i reported them, and asked if the enemy could do so aswell, because it was very clear what lulu and ekko had done to me, they also kept on saying how they wished to vs me in a diffrent game because then they could win "easily". Clearly riot games' system has decided something shitty. I haven't been toxic at all lately, 1 or few times i say the word %%%%, or similar in a game but really nothing as bad as for example Dunkey's ban. Also, everytime i take this to player support, they tell me that they can't change anything, not even appeal the chatban, which makes them completely useless for a case like this, which is why i decided to take it to the forums. Is there anyway of getting my honor level back & the chat restriction removed? if i deserve that..
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