Giving up lane at first death.

I just played against a Yi. I think it was a cheese pick. (Flex ranked) I was playing poppy top against Yi with conquerer. Thinking "oh this must be an easy matchup, I will just wait till he's out of mana then go in and kill him". I did just that and he auto'd me to death... While below my turret I was speechless. My Rakan support goes like "wow, dies below turret by a Yi at level 2. You are garbage, I'm not gonna help you" I asked for assistance constantly after that, but never achieved help. We also had a Talon mid, who literary stayed mid until the game was over. And a Jax that only ganked bot. My team in the ended flamed me constantly since I was getting rekt by the enemy mid, jungle and the Yi top constantly. In the end my entire team just said report poppy, and I was super sad. Cause I couldn't do anything that game since I was behind from he very start and never got any help. Apparently my jungle, mid and support were all premades after I check the game history of Rakan and talon. So the time where Rakan said "I ain't gonna help you" after my first death. Meant that no one in this team will help me. Why doe... Like if someone needs help. In your team no matter if you dislike them or that they lost their lane early. You should help them. Specially as a Jungle and a Talon mid. I also check my team's elo. I got the silver team while being against Plat team. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Edit: I have this problem where I love to Play Poppy, I have played her for a very long times in normals. But Now when I pick up her in ranked. I never win with her. (Like 15 games so far) Should I give up on her?
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