Standing up against toxic behaviour gets punished

Just another topic with a complaint about toxic behaviour, and I expect people to says "git gut" or "live with it you %%%%%", but I'm still gonna type it. So basically, just played another game, when my support dies for a second time during a gank, and blames me for not saving her etc while I stayed back since I didn't have any health etc. I decided a few matches ago not to take any shit any more from toxic teammates. I get screwed over every bloody time because a teammate starts feeding (or just sucks), afk, dc's, or on the other side of the spectrum just plain toxic behaviour. Nothing new under the sun for most people here. I'm just here trying to get my ass out of bronze because of bad placement matches (5 afks out of 10 matches etc.). I'm not the best player of course but I'm trying to take my ranked games serious and other people just come in to troll. So as I said earlier, not going to take any more shit from toxic players now. But the reason why I'm making this topic is that it came to mind during that match, that basically toxic players are frowned upon on, but in the end it's the player who stands up against this behaviour who gets punished in the end. I never had any warning in League so far so I actually don't know how much people report me, but as most people do so, I expect to be reported by at least a few people during my last match. I love this game and the concept of working together as a team, but the toxicity of this community ruins it for many players who try to get out of bronze and silver and try to get higher up the ladder, or just playing the game in general. Quite a shame, and just really shows how the online gaming community evolved over the course of years. IOW, standing up against toxic behaviour gets punished and the toxic player keep on roaming through this community. It would be nice if Riot would find a better way to separate the serious players from the casual and toxic players. What's your thought on this topic?
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