Please,just stop doing this and i guarantee league will be a better game.

Simply put,If you have a toxic player in your team dont provoke them to be more toxic just because you want to get them banned,If someone is angry because they are loosing the lane dont tell them they are boosted,thrash,bad etc.Just ignore them.You arent doing anything but digging a bigger hole for yourself and making them tilt into doing the same thing in the next game(ruining experience for others).I just was on forums looking at what 1 toxic guy who got perma'd had to say about his ban and top comment is "great 1 less afk toxic guy".Dont do that.Thats rude and you are probably making the poor guy even more sad and its not his fault he is just tilted like we all are from this game.Like i said just ignore and let them chill.They are human after all no need to harass them just because you know there are no consequences.
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