What just happened to me.... you will not believe

Hello boys and girls, this is my first topic here (atleast i dont remember i created one before). I just finished a normal game. Everything went fine, I was winning my lane pretty hard, noone was feeding, just bot was a little bit off. Lucian flamed Leona for everything and he started to play poorly (Lucian) and died a lot. He got pissed off and started to flame the whole team. So I wanted to calm him, and he came up with the " I fucked your mom..." thingy. We surrendered, because we weren't able to win a single teamfight, because Lucian was never with us. I was ok with it, like it was a just a normal, who cares? End game screen appeared, and what just happened. Lucian told the enemy team to report me, because I was flaming him and I called him cancer. I got reported and I got a warning for verbal abuse. I would show you screen what I told him, but I don't screen games for no reason. Have this ever happened to you? What do you think about it? Good luck on the Field of Justice.
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