Ghost to lane should be banned.

Ghost To Lane
Hello! My name is Gio aka Ghost To Lane and welcome to my channel! I hope you enjoy your stay! I upload fun stuff and a bit of serious stuff! Q AND A Q: What...
As the title says above. Shouldn't this guy get ban? You have banned " Take the draw " for a dumbass reason like " ruining players' games. Isn't this guy ruining it? Placing a Challenger in a Bronze game Placing a Bronze in Diamond solo Q And so on, Is this %%%%ing legal? You even have banned tyler 1 for being toxic like this is the real reason right? I mean yes he was toxic but he got banned because he played against Rioter and owned him , " The same Rioter who banned Take the Draw " This guy " Ghost to lane " isn't giving any good guides about the game like " PhyLol , RedMercy " and so on or even funny videos. This is Sux and pathetic. If this guy doesn't get banned so %%%% Riot system :) This guy is getting money for destroying people games
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