Permaban ?

So ... I just got permabanned for being "toxic" and this is the text Riot send me to justify their punishment : Game 1 VitorJose: lil peep is gay VitorJose: and dead VitorJose: gay VitorJose: reported VitorJose: not joking thats racist VitorJose: reprot twitch VitorJose: reported kkk VitorJose: ? report ivern if poss VitorJose: lmfao VitorJose: wtf ashe VitorJose: dead af VitorJose: ez VitorJose: 7-10 VitorJose: 16-9 VitorJose: 16-9 VitorJose: see the difference ? VitorJose: 7-11 VitorJose: i win thoe VitorJose: 17 kills VitorJose: lets go VitorJose: most kills in the game VitorJose: gg ez Is this P E R M A B A N material ? I think i was soft ... but ok Farewell ! {{champion:104}}
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