Ban From League Because Toxic

I Want Riot Lyte To See This . To Start , Im 19year old i work 8hour per a day and i don't get a lot of money of it and even that i buy rp and waste time to play league , i always have trouble with my boss and i come to chill on league and the matchmaking put with me troll and feeder and im having a bad day with my boss , that why i flame , but the thing i want to tell lyte is you banned me directly perma i didn't get the 10 chat ban or 20 chat ban of the new system so please lyte understand my situation of life , i really don't want to flame but im having bad days and matchmaking put with me people that troll , so please lyte you have to give me a chance to prove my attitude , i quit from my job because that ban , because i always have trouble with the boss and i come to league to find troll and flame them so please lyte give me a chance to prove my new attitude and play again with the community
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