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Hello everyone, I've recently started to properly delve in to ranked and opt for ranked games instead of normals, so I've started to experience what people would call trolling and negative attitude and all that a lot more, now I have a few questions regarding this. But before I do, I would just like to clarify that I'm not baiting, or not trying to be a whiny little Silver that 'deserves challenger' but I DO feel there are some issues here that need addressing faster than other things in game. Firstly, why are people different in ranked? When I play ranked very rarely do I think about the 'ranked' aspect. However it's clear this isn't the same for everyone, why do people change in ranked? The meta is more enforced than ever in a ranked match, I could pick Veigar support in normal and help carry the ADC without a problem and all would be fine at the end - If I was to pick a Veigar support in a ranked game, I would be considered trolling, and while I can have a positive outcome on the team, being considered a troll pick before the game has massive negative knock on effects, can we change this? Secondly, no one is afraid of being reported (I've funnily enough seen a similar post about this problem), people feel they can say anything they want without consequence and I, like 90% of players am guilty of this from time to time. There is simply no fear in getting 20 odd warnings, if you somehow are toxic enough to get a ban, its mostly only ever temporary. This kind of negative behavior can range from anything too, simply being allowed to get away with "gg easy" is toxic, while the act of doing it isn't exactly harmful it promotes a toxic attitude and this adds to the whole community toxicity - a mentality shift surely needs to be adopted if this is to be countered? Lastly, (for now - unless I remember something later). Is the Voldemort of ranked discussions; LP. This usually comes with two people, the type who will blame Riot for pretty much everything and state that it's completely unfair and is cheating them out their rightful position, and the complete opposite person who claims everyone else is just bad and skill will carry you. However, I'm the middle ground, while I can understand that it's a team game, if you loose you must be punished - I do feel there should be exceptions. Now I have no experience above Silver, so things may get better - However I have reason to believe this is simply not the case. Let me throw an example. If I'm beating my top lane and the rest of my team is loosing, I have two options a) Stay and punish my lane or b) roam and try to scrape back my other lanes HOWEVER! No matter what I do, I will be loosing something, I firmly believe most games are won or lost in the first 15minutes, from here on out it turns in to a game of 'protect the carry' if you fail to protect the carry you can suffer a comeback from the enemy team, anyway! Back to my point - If I stay in my top lane I can punish him, yet all other lanes will be feeding, this puts me in a 4v1 scenario in terms of 'carrying' my team, but If I leave to help out other lanes not only will this leave free farm and free global gold to my top and bring him/her back in the game, but the time it takes me to travel the map makes it impossible for me to hold all lanes, therefore even if it goes well, I will be 5 mediocre players vs me in terms of carry, and no matter how good you are you can't do that. Remember, this is all hypothetical. But the point is, should I be punished for technically fulfuilling my side of the bargain by winning my lane? If I'm the only one calling shots on the team, warding, making calls and getting kills, should I loose the same 15LP as the guy beside me who done nothing for our team? This of course works vice versa, if you win a game and are carried, should person X who went 20/1/20 and warded all the important areas of the map and stole Baron really get the same +20LP as person Y who lost their lane, proceeded to call every bad and then went afk after going 0/10/1 because they didnt ward their bush? Of course! If you loose you should be punished, no doubt about it - its a team game, but it being a team game means you should play as a TEAM and not be encouraged to solo que Zed just because he has the highest potential to 'carry' a game. Overall, I'd love to here what you guys have to say, and I'm sure I'll think of some new things to talk about! I hope you can see that I'm trying to have a proper talk about the state of our ranked system (more so the players than the system) and that I'm not trying to play devils advocate! Please, leave your messages and lets get a conversation going! Have a great day, R11
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