The state of the game right now is unacceptable

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Well i'm gonna keep the story short and simple so everyone can follow. I am an off meta picker i test stuff i think will be fun on bots and normal games preety often and usually see success unless i try something way out there. Usually people are ok with me testing stuff but the nerve of some people is just too much, Today i decided to play some ap ivern up top again i queued up for draft pick again and picked my champion only to be met with two people teleporting into my lane flashing into my enemy laner and dying on purpose while beign called a reason as to why this match was lost and calling me a hypocrite for pointing out they're just straight up inting. What the hell is the problem of people in Euw i recently moved here from EuNe expecting to meet new people who are usually very open about people testing stuff but all the time i have been here it fluctuates between mid lane players opening lanes instantly cause they died to the situations like above. How the hell am i supposed to enjoy the game when i can't even go ahead and relax in a normal game. TLDR: I picked ivern top and two people decided to tp flash and int in my lane,I wasn't even trolling i already won a few times i didn't try to be rude but i had my time ruined
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