Don't be mad at junglers who gank you.

So I bet this happens a lot for many other junglers. It never happens to my junglers, since I never rages at my jungler. Today I played first time on a diffreant role than top, and my top laner, got massively camped by our jungler. So much so that our top laner got really fed. But around half-way, our top started raging hardcore at our jungler to gank some day even after achieving 13 ganks and 8 kills in 15 min. The jungler only got 3 kills by himself, so he did extremely good work top. Later he even started saying "x champion" is OPOP, cause he 1vs1 then enemy for the first time. The enemy responds "It's not being OP, it's you being ganked" and our top laner responds "I haven't got a single gank, our jungler suck anyway". This triggered our entire team exception of our jungler, assuming he muted him already. Winning the game and out top were still trashtalking our jungler and douche talk as he got 10 kills 1vs1 all by himself. Saying he's champion is totally broken and "OPOP". _____ I had another game not so long ago, where I always also autofilled on support, and my top laner got around 5 ganks in row and the jungler failed gank after gank. Our top was super mad and even stated he would afk, if he came top more. Starting to yell that our jungler was intentionally feeding and stuff like that. If I were top I would just be happy if he kept coming and try to help me, if enemy top laner got double buff, there's nothing I can do by myself. So the jungler should stay and try to help out from his mistakes. If he just let top getaway with 1 kill and double buff then I might be a bit mad cause he just gave my opponent a free advantage without any problems at all. ____ So Please next time you get your jungler to camp your lanes, don't rage at him. He is doing he's job and you should thank him, not rage at him. C'mon it's not that hard.
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