Secret to climbing (and get free money and fame, bring back loved ones)

Now that's a clickbait title if I ever saw one! Joke aside I just wanted to share a not so quick experience with you guys. I was something like 30% winrate after my placements (3-7), was Bronze 1 from S2. I was on a lose streak as well in season 5 (like 7 or 8 games. I stopped as I was afraid of being demoted). Got frustrated then, applied basically what follows: - Stopped arguing at all. Team mates says something I don't agree with? Ignore. Mute if it reaches me. Not flaming or anything. Just arguing. Somebody would tell me why no TP, follow and I would answer with why, pointless. They just want to vent or say you did bad. - Pick something because it is a counter but don't know how to play it? Nope. I have three to four champs I stick to it. I've beaten lane counters because I'm confident on my plays. I've picked Jax twice because it was supposedly strong, I'm bad with him stopped picking Jax altogether. - Run across the map to ... I don't know, nope, will take this tower instead. Oh my lane is pushed to their inhib, let's group or push something else, defend my lane when needed. Don't go in team fights if it is pointless (and then apply first advice :p), get drake/towers when the enemy team is at the other side of the map. Ward like crazy always have a pink down, don't push without vision, buy what's needed and don't stick to one build. This is the main point. Play smart. You don't need to be the hero, you don't need 40 KDA, you just need to get the nexus. - Learn to farm, farm is critical. If in your lane you have 20 to 30 CS more than your opponent you have a huge advantage. You have something like 500 gold more, it means boots, more armor, more damage, whatever you need. It is from a solo laner point of view though, but remember it, farm it up. - Don't blame your team, if you are in a rating it is only depending on yourself, yes you will have "feeders", yes you will have trolls, but not all games, and usually if you are doing good and be positive people will tend to relax a bit. Ye you will lose some games because one lane fed like crazy, but sometimes you will win because a lane carried you. Don't be the reason you lose, that's all you gotta do. I was something like 30% winrate now close back to 50 (49% right now) , past weeks I stopped going 1W 1L and my MMR is going back up. I was winning 18LP and losing 20LP (Riot basically telling me gtfo Silver dude), now gaining 21 and losing 16. You will tell me it's not like I went from Bronze to plat but already applying that I'm now climbing and went from almost relegated to B1 to S4 promos. I just want you guys to get that there is no OP champs that will bring you up to Diamond just by picking them, just think about your plays, get objectives and protect yourself with vision. Finally play to improve not for the rankings and you will go up. By that I mean, don't put pressure on yourself, and see the positive even in losses. Think about how you could have won or done better but don't beat yourself up. Losses will happen, I suffered from ranked anxiety because of lose streaks. Was so scared I would go down I played stupidly. Now it is just, uh lost? All right maybe could have done that, let's play an another one. It is a long post that hopefully would help some low rated fellows as myself. If you relate or want to share you are welcome.
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