"it's fine, it's just a normal game"

So, recently i've had a lot of matches where my teammates has been saying that it's okay if we lose because "it's only a normal game". Thinking of it, i think that it is really stupid to say that. I mean, why not even try only cuse it's a normal game. Sure, normal games might be to practice new champs, or why not play zed when you have 150K mastery points with him. Normals can be used to do many different things but i clearly can't see the reason to not play serious and not trying. I want to make sure that i think it is fine to try off-meta builds but trying to 1v5 the whole enemy team shouldn't be accepted only because it's a normal game. I'd like to hear your opinions and thoughts, and if you are someone who says this then please explain how you think. Agree/Disagree? {{champion:32}}
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