Appealing my perma-ban, probably hopeless but I'm out of options.

Game 1 Pyrosen: looks like cams getting a phat leash Pyrosen: ill tank Pyrosen: u could follow up Pyrosen: but that's just me Pyrosen: i pinged to go in and you stood still csing lol Pyrosen: stop blaming me B Pyrosen: he can't see Pyrosen: when hes blind Pyrosen: B Pyrosen: looks like im adc Pyrosen: na im plat Pyrosen: dont know Pyrosen: sr Pyrosen: i'm not trolling lol Pyrosen: you can ask anyone on my team Pyrosen: cait is flaming Pyrosen: not my fault you can't cs Pyrosen: and we're the ones trolling Pyrosen: look at cait Pyrosen: lol Pyrosen: >toxic Pyrosen: >refuses to play the game Pyrosen: >waawaa graves ruin game Pyrosen: you're the one being pathetic Pyrosen: lol Pyrosen: but w/e muted Pyrosen: we don't have an adc if i don't cs Pyrosen: so sorry Pyrosen: she's talking to jax Pyrosen: i got flash on the wrong key Pyrosen: feelsbad Pyrosen: can you? Pyrosen: o Pyrosen: whoops Pyrosen: Cait was flaming since the lobby started, called me a boosted ape then refused to play the game because I took teleport Pyrosen: Ran to other lanes to ruin the game for other people, so I'm not sure Pyrosen: You can report me if you want but I'm a friendly player :) Pyrosen: that's a good summary for this round Pyrosen: gj guys Pyrosen: diana si so strong tis patch Pyrosen: idk why Pyrosen: probably a big benefitter of the new items Pyrosen: 0 - 5 to 6 - 5 Pyrosen: ezpz Pyrosen: cait afk :*( Pyrosen: so sad to have the game ruined for 9 others by 1 person Pyrosen: 10 seconds Pyrosen: ggwp The screenshots provided are evidence these are the full logs. Did I type too much? Sure. Was me calling the Caitlyn who left botlane to run it down mid, then top, then quit the game pathetic enough justification to perma-ban my account? In my eyes, absolutely not. I've seen countless amounts of toxicity. I've had people run it down mid during my ranked games, I've been told to die an unconfirmed amount of times but I'd say around 200-300 would be accurate. I've had a Draven one trick write down my name on a list and said "If I ever see you in my game again we lose" in a game where I was 16 - 4 - 30 on Sejuani which we won, because I took a kill bot. Absolutely none of who I was reported were punished - at least I wasn't notified. So, I figured this ban was a mistake. Apparently not. "In the end, please take note that a negative conduct isn't limited just to flaming. Spamming the chat, complaining, generally arguing, making fun of other players, calling them pathetic is also considered negative behavior." I'm Level 113 on that account. Hit Platinum 2 and spent around 100 on RP. I've lost it all because I called someone intentionally feeding in my game pathetic and I don't think that's "Just". I'm a positive player and I encourage my team mates, if you looked at any of my logs from any other game, you would see nothing but encouragement but obviously, we can't do that. Of course, I'm open to hearing your side of this situation. Personally I think it's outrageous but we're all our own individual people with our own thoughts so, let me know what you think. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} I'd be fine if the account was returned with a permanent chat restrict, 5 messages per game. I'd be fine if the account was stripped of all rewards, I just don't want to make another account and climb to Plat again.
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