What do you think about certain smileys in League of Legends or the internet?

Everyone knows those smileys: :) :D But somehow I always *think* bad *at first* of a person using them **at the end of any sentence.** So I have been wondering why and why mostly actually ":)" and if others have this problem too. I came to the conclusion,that when I looked at all the years I spent in online video games,people have always been using ":)" also as a smiley they just put at the end of any insulting sentence.For example "You %#?# and should f%#?% kill yourself :)". (I think I can see all the comments saying ":)" coming ._. HELP ME!I have the Trollophobia!) *But I wonder,if this is the case with myself,are there others that see this the same and why do they or is this just my problem?* Also,when I write ___ ,you should comment what fills this place in your case.
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