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Hi. I recently made a data request and got the data of my account from Riot which includes reports received and reports made over the last 3 months. I'm here to talk about the reports received part. As some of you might remember, i did the experiment where i climbed from honor level 0 to honor level 2. So these are the reports I received during the last 3 months or 385 games: Hate speech: 14 Leaving/afk: 7 (I NEVER afk) Verbal abuse: 70 Inappropriate name: 1 (wtf my name pretty much means demoralized/demotivated cheetah or something of the sort. Gonahtanu doesn't exactly have a proper translation) Negative attitude: 71 Assisting enemy team: 29 (i don't know where riot gets this from since there isn't such a report option anymore. Might be the intentionally feeding category though since it doesn't show up anywhere, not even in my own reports. I never int though and i almost never go above 8 deaths. Only a few exceptions happen if the games are long enough and even then it's rare) Third party tools/cheating: 2 So, as we can see, i got reported plenty of times and yet i was never punished and i climbed back to honor 2. That's good because i didn't even break any rules. So what does this tell us about the lovely community? Spamming pointless reports on people when they lose. Even going as far as to report for afking when i never did, for a name that is well within the rules and even for cheating... It's good that the amount of reports doesn't matter {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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