So this just made me quit league of legends....

So...I'm a pretty decent player always manage to get gold / plat ello...try my hardest not to int...and know the mechanics ...I'd like to say more than the average player. Just got chat restricted for "flaming" my team mate ...jungle [JAX] for not ganking even once all game on top lane...while the enemy jungler [Elise] totaled arround 11 ganks on top lane when laning phase finished. Don't have acess to the chat log....I deleted the game after 1 more match. The point is that at no point there was swearing....I was just complaining that i get no ganks and after 20 + minutes suggested ff. My point to this post is...that in a system where elo boosting ...account buying and all these negative stuff are arround.. I get matched with someone with 0 skill for their current league....and because I tell him that he isn't playing his role properly....( in a more mean can't really be clam and calculated at all times ) And i get chat restricted for the most stupid things ever....while other people in this beautifull community flamed me...and saw all the swears you can immagine directed towards me.... I have never got the message with "action has been taken ..etc etc." on other players I've reported for hard flaming / toxicity. It's not getting chat restricted...that made me delete the game....It's getting chat restricted for the most absurd reason ever. System is flawed...I'm just dissapointed.
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