Is this a new way to boost?

{{sticker:sg-zephyr}} So recently I matched with a player in rank, during the BP stage, this player is assigned to Top lane, he asked if he can go mid, our mid laner refused. Then this player banned mid laners pre-pick, picked Taric with ghost and cleanse. We got into loading screen then, he was never connected, without a doubt, we voted for re-make. At first, I was ready for a bad game, then glad, then confused. **_If he wants to int because he didn't get what he wants, why would he just disconnect and get punished, unless, he won't be._** So I checked his, something very strange showed up. Ever since 9th of December, after 4 days without playing rank, this player suddenly started to use this strategy and being able to maintain **his rank winrate up to 89%!** In two days, 9 matches were found, and 4 games are remade because he didn't get the mid lane, picked ghost and cleanse then wait for the remake. Duo to community rules I am not gonna post the name here. this is the matcscreenshotcreen shot. Anyone fancy to explain why this is happening? I get the idea he seems to be good in mid, but dodging like this is really punish free? No more autofill? Is this permitted? Or **nearly 50% of dodging rate** is not enough to trigger the rito system? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}

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